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Professional Business Services

Franchise Coaching Solutions

Franchising is a great way to pursue dreams of business ownership. Good franchise systems use established business models with proven success backed by valuable assistance in the areas of operations, marketing, training and support. The freedom, flexibility and financial independence that comes with business ownership is something that I can help you explore. My role is an educator and coach. My goal is to help you learn how to achieve your dreams through franchise ownership. Through in-depth conversations about your past experiences, skills, passions, and financial and lifestyle goals, we will work together to identify high-quality franchise options that may help you realize your dreams.

With over 5,000 franchisors in about 75 different industries in the country, picking the ideal business venture can be confusing. For business counseling and franchise coaching services you can depend on, look no further than The West Business Group, LLC. in Cameron, NC. We can help you streamline your search process and select the best business franchise for your needs and lifestyle.

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Efficient Business Mentoring

Make sure you start your business on the right track with our business counseling and mentoring services. Whether you have an existing business or are still planning to start one, we guarantee to give you the continuous guidance that you need. For your convenience, our coaches can work with you face-to-face, over the phone, or by email.

The areas we can assist you with include:

Advertising and Marketing

Determining the Ideal Business Location


Making Business Plans

Pricing Your Products and Services

Selecting Insurance

Selecting Professional Advisors

Franchise Your Business Concept

Are you interested in owning a business but lack the time and resources to start from scratch? Franchising might just be the answer. Turn to us for your franchise counseling needs. With our expertise and passion for helping potential entrepreneurs and veterans, you can discover the different types of business franchises and learn their pros and cons. Let us make your business ownership dream come true!

Looking to Sell Your Business

The West Business Group, LLC. has a two-part counseling process. First, we will familiarize ourselves with the client’s background, skill set, strengths and weaknesses, hobbies, and goals. Afterward, we will use the information we have gathered to help them select a business model that suits them best. Once a business model is selected, the validation process begins. In this step of our process, we will link our clients directly with franchise development personnel to determine whether or not that business model is one that they could see themselves owning. If so, they can move forward and eventually invest; if not, we can help them look at something else, or they can choose to terminate our services.

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Getting exceptional business advice need not cost you hefty counseling fees. Partner with us today, and our business coaches will assist you for free. Whether you are a veteran looking for a source of extra income or someone undergoing a career transition, trust us for expert business ownership and franchising solutions. We can also help you discover business franchise opportunities near you. Simply contact our staff today using the information provided.